Numerous clinical studies have found that a doula’s presence at birth helps to:

  • Shorten labor and decrease complications
  • Reduce the need for pitocin, forceps, vacuum, and cesareans
  • Reduce requests for pain medication and epidurals
  • Increase positive feelings and satisfaction with the childbirth experience


I recognize how fiercely vulnerable and empowering the transition from pregnancy to motherhood can be. That is why I offer my sisterhood and unwavering support as I walk alongside your growing family.  I am fully committed to supporting you by effectively communicating as a member of your birth team. I will guide you as you consider your birth preferences and to help you navigate your intuitive birth journey. I will facilitate your partner, if applicable, in being most near and dear to you while being there with you every step of the way. 

Rita introduced herself to everyone, was very warm, helped to state my wishes to nurses during the birth. She helped my mom to step in and feel more included as well. [My partner] felt very comfortable with her and Rita gave so much space for [my partner] to provide primary support.
Rita added special thoughtful touches, like making a spacial tea for me during the last stretch of the pregnancy; sending me a funny video when I was overdue; providing “sitz” spray after the birth. These were so appreciated and we liked that Rita helped us practice positions and encouraged us to shape her role in the birth.
Rita brings a warm and positive energy that helped ground us during the preparation for and the actual birth. She asked great questions that led me and my partner to be more emotionally prepared as well as logistically. She prioritized my preferences and responded quickly in the moment during the birth. She also offered information postpartum that was incredibly helpful.