Numerous clinical studies have found that a doula’s presence at birth helps to:

  • Shorten labor and decrease complications
  • Reduce the need for pitocin, forceps, vacuum, and cesareans
  • Reduce requests for pain medication and epidurals
  • Increase positive feelings and satisfaction with the childbirth experience


I recognize how fiercely vulnerable and empowering the transition from pregnancy to motherhood can be. That is why I offer my sisterhood and unwavering support as I walk alongside your growing family.  I am fully committed to supporting you by effectively communicating as a member of your birth team. I will guide you as you create and navigate your unique birth plan. I will facilitate your partner, if applicable, in being most near and dear to you while being there with you every step of the way. 


Free consultation: This no-obligation meeting helps us get acquainted and learn about our fit with one another. I learn about how your pregnancy is going, what your birth goals are and what you are looking for in a doula and we take it from there.



Offering one hour antepartum/postpartum yoga, meditation & breathwork sessions in the privacy of your home. Private for mama and babe or for couples. All equipment provided. $60 if added to your birth package, $80 as stand alone service.

Two prenatal visits in your home to get to know each other with your partner (if applicable) better, review logistics, and to discuss specifics on how I can help you feel most supported and cared for. We will discuss your hopes, dreams and fears in order to help you craft your ideal birth plan. This is a chance to practice coping strategies like breathing, gentle yoga, positioning and partner support techniques based on your individual needs and orthopedic considerations.

Unlimited communication via phone, text and email support before and after the birth. I want to hear from you.

Support when you need it. I usually arrive during the first stage of active labor, but am happy to show up as soon as mama feels my presence is needed or wanted. Continued support for 1-2 hours following delivery until you are comfortable.

Postpartum home visit within two weeks and a check-in call at eight weeks postpartum to process and hold space for your experience. 

PACKAGE PRICE: $900 investment paid in full at the time of contract. 
If you experience financial restrictions, contact me to discuss bartering or payment plan options.