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Numerous clinical studies have found that a doula’s presence at birth helps to:

  • Shorten labor and decrease complications

  • Reduce the need for pitocin, forceps, vacuum, and cesareans

  • Reduce requests for pain medication and epidurals

  • Increase positive feelings and satisfaction with the childbirth experience


I recognize how fiercely vulnerable and empowering the transition from pregnancy to motherhood can be. That is why I offer my sisterhood and unwavering support as I walk alongside your growing family.  I am fully committed to supporting you by effectively communicating as a member of your birth team. I will guide you as you consider your birth preferences and to help you navigate your intuitive birth journey. I will facilitate your partner, if applicable, in being most near and dear to you while being there with you every step of the way. 



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I am a women's health physotherapist and continuous labor support companion. I am grateful to expand my sisterhood with you! I have long had a calling to do healing work, in particular to support women and their families during the potently transformational time that childbirth evokes. Having served the San Francisco, California community over the past several years, I have adopted a new home in Groningen, Netherlands in the summer of 2019. I look forward to expanding my community in this wonderful new home by connecting with mothers, mothers to be, and maternal care providers.

I truly thrive through cultivating a sense of sacred space and loving support to enrich the birthing environment of your choice. Merging my clinical identity as a healthcare professional with a continuous labor support role allows me to communicate as an informed member of your birthcare team while placing all of my attention on your holistic and evolving needs throughout labor and delivery. I am motivated to draw from evidence based biomechanics applications to reduce the risk of injury and will help you safely modify your strategies based on any orthopedic considerations. Together, we will determine effective positioning and manual techniques to help bring baby earth side.

Outside of this work, I'm likely to be learning Dutch, gardening, creating plant-based meals in the kitchen, and practicing various forms of mindful movement (preferably in the great outdoors!).

· Doctor of Physical Therapy, MGH Institute of Health Professions 2016
· Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher
· Certified Reiki Practitioner

· DONA Trained Doula
· APTA SoWH Fundamental Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum PT
· APTA SoWH Advanced Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum PT
· APTA SoWH PT Considerations & Interventions of Intrapartum Support
· APTA SoWH Pelvic Floor PT

Rita introduced herself to everyone, was very warm, helped to state my wishes to nurses during the birth. She helped my mom to step in and feel more included as well. [My partner] felt very comfortable with her and Rita gave so much space for [my partner] to provide primary support.
Rita added special thoughtful touches, like making a spacial tea for me during the last stretch of the pregnancy; sending me a funny video when I was overdue; providing “sitz” spray after the birth. These were so appreciated and we liked that Rita helped us practice positions and encouraged us to shape her role in the birth.
Rita brings a warm and positive energy that helped ground us during the preparation for and the actual birth. She asked great questions that led me and my partner to be more emotionally prepared as well as logistically. She prioritized my preferences and responded quickly in the moment during the birth. She also offered information postpartum that was incredibly helpful.


FREE CONSULTATION / This no-obligation meeting helps us get acquainted and learn about our fit with one another. I learn about how your pregnancy is going, what your birth goals are and what you are looking for in a doula and we take it from there.

TWO PRENATAL VISITS / Offered in your home to get to know each other with your partner (if applicable) better, review logistics, and to discuss specifics on how I can help you feel most supported and cared for. During the first visit we will discuss your hopes, dreams and fears in order to help you craft your ideal birth plan. We will practice coping strategies like breathing, gentle yoga, positioning and partner support techniques based on your individual needs and orthopedic considerations. During the second visit we will reinforce initial visit concepts and dive into postpartum planning. 

UNLIMITED COMMUNICATION / phone, text and email support before and after the birth. I want to hear from you.

LABOR SUPPORT WHEN YOU NEED IT / I expect you to inform me at any time you think labor is beginning so that I can make necessary accommodations. I usually arrive during the first stage of active labor as things are progressing, but am happy to show up as soon as mama feels my presence is needed or wanted. I will offer continued support for 1-2 hours following delivery until you are comfortable.

POSTPARTUM HOME VISIT / within two weeks and a check-in call at eight weeks postpartum to process and hold space for your experience. 

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Sliding scale offered with investment paid in full at the time of finalizing our contract. 



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