I am a San Francisco based women's health physical therapist and continuous labor support companion. I am grateful to expand my sisterhood with you! I have long had a calling to do healing work, in particular to support women and their families during the potently transformational time that childbirth evokes. 

I truly thrive through cultivating a sense of sacred space and loving support to enrich the birthing environment of your choice. Merging my clinical identity as a healthcare professional with a continuous labor support role allows me to communicate as an informed member of your birthcare team while placing all of my attention on your holistic and evolving needs throughout labor and delivery.

I am a professional movement practitioner with an understanding of biomechanics, which makes me uniquely qualified to use evidence based practices to help you meet your goals. Together, we will optimize fetus passage through your pelvis with mobility, positioning and manual techniques while caring for any additional orthopedic considerations.

Outside of this work, I'm likely to be be creating plant-based meals in the kitchen, hiking, surfing, cycling, or making herbal potions. I also coach a local youth synchronized swimming team. 

Training & Experience:

Doctor of Physical Therapy
DONA Trained Doula
Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher
Certified Reiki Level 1 Practitioner

Relevant Continued Education:
· Pelvic Floor PT Level 1
· Fundamental Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum PT
· Advanced Topics of Pregnancy & Postpartum PT
· PT Considerations & Interventions of Intrapartum Support